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Unlike generalist brokers or individual carriers, our brokers possess deep expertise and broad market access. With us, you get multiple quotes, tailored coverage, and competitive prices.

Insurance by Trade

3 Simple Steps

Streamlined applications, multiple quotes, and tailored coverage are the cornerstones of our mission. Join us on this journey, empowering your Contractor business with the insurance solutions it deserves.

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Step 1
Streamlined application

Our meticulously crafted, user-friendly application helps us match you to one or our expert brokers and secure quotes from leading insurance carriers.

Step 2
Multiple quotes

We believe in the power of choice. Our expert brokers will finalize a panel of quotes from industry-leading carriers and present them in terms you can easily understand.

Step 3
Tailored coverage

Our expert brokers help you decide on the right coverage option, direct you to pay or finance the insurance premium, and enable you to share a certificate of insurance.

Your business partner

Contractors License

To become an Contractor, you must fulfill the licensing requirements set by your state’s licensing board. This involves several steps, such as passing an exam, providing proof of insurance and submitting a bond.

Contractor Insurance Cost By State

Throughout the year you will need to manage your insurance program and exercise risk management to ensure your employees are safe and your premiums don’t go up at renewal. Learn more about managing risks here.

How We Help Contractors

Once you submit your application online, we’ll connect you with a top-notch insurance expert from our trusted network. Our experts not only understand your unique needs but also have exclusive access to the best insurance carriers in the market.

Together, you’ll complete a comprehensive application and receive multiple quotes from leading insurance providers. No more wasting time searching for the perfect expert or individually checking with different carriers. Our streamlined process ensures you get the optimal coverage at the most competitive price, saving you valuable time and effort.

We understand the importance of a swift and reliable insurance process for your business. That’s why we strive to provide you with quotes in a timely manner, typically within the same day to 48 hours.

If your business boasts an established track record with minimal claims, you can expect to receive quotes almost instantaneously. However, in the rare event that we are unable to immediately provide you with quotes, we won’t leave you hanging. Instead, we’ll connect you with a top-notch insurance expert from our trusted network. This insurance expert will go the extra mile to gather any additional information required and set clear expectations regarding the timeline for securing quotes and insurance. We understand your urgency, and our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible. Unless you have significant claims, you can expect to have quotes and insurance coverage secured in just a matter of days.

Our distinctive approach revolves around two core elements: cutting-edge applications and an extensive network of industry experts. Our secret sauce lies in the seamless integration of these two pillars.

Firstly, our advanced application has been meticulously developed to deeply comprehend your unique business requirements. By harnessing the power of intelligent algorithms, we can expertly pair you with the ideal specialist. This means you’ll be connected with an insurance expert who truly understands the nuances of your Contractor business.

Secondly, we’ve meticulously curated a network of insurance experts who specialize in serving Contractors. This enables us to offer personalized matches based on the specific characteristics of your business. Rest assured, you’ll only need to collaborate with a single broker to meet all your insurance needs.

We’re committed to simplifying the insurance process for Contractors. By leveraging our state-of-the-art application and extensive network, we deliver tailored solutions that save you time and effort, while providing the expertise necessary to protect your business.

Fantastic question! Getting started is a breeze. Just hit that delightful “Get Quotes” button to kick off our application process. We’re eager to delve into the depths of your business operations, uncover your unique history, and tailor an insurance program that suits you perfectly. If we need a tad more information based on your initial responses, we’ll kindly request it.

Once we’ve gathered all the essential details, one of our brilliant experts will reach out to you directly. They’ll guide you through the process and help you get the right coverage. In short, you can submit your application and promptly connect with one of our remarkable experts—today!

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