Becoming a Licensed Plumber in Wyoming

In order to work as a plumber in Wyoming, you must obtain a license from the local municipality where you plan to operate. Licenses are issued at the city or county level, so requirements can vary depending on your location. This guide provides an overview of typical licensing steps and regulations for plumbers in Wyoming.

Licensing Requirements

Licensing is handled locally in Wyoming, so you’ll need to check requirements for the specific city or county where you want to work. However, most municipalities use a basic three-tiered licensing structure:

  • Apprentice – Allows you to work under supervision of a journeyman or master plumber as you gain experience. Usually requires a high school diploma or GED.
  • Journeyman – Allows you to work independently after completing 4-5 years of experience as an apprentice. Requires passing an exam.
  • Master – Allows you to supervise others after meeting experience requirements as a journeyman. Requires passing an exam.

In addition to these individual licenses, most places require a separate contractor’s license for anyone who wants to operate an independent plumbing business.

Below are licensing details for some of the major municipalities in Wyoming.


Apprentice: Submit application with $20 fee. No exam required. Renew annually for $5.

Journeyman: Submit application, pay $80 fee, pass ICC or WAM exam. Renew annually for $15.

Master: Submit application, pay $100 fee, pass ICC or WAM exam. Document 3 years as journeyman. Renew annually for $25.

Contractor: Submit contractor application, liability insurance, workers comp, and $250 fee. Renew annually for $75.

Contact: Compliance Division


Apprentice: Submit $3 application fee. No exam required. Renew annually for $3.

Journeyman: Submit $25 application fee, pass exam with 75% score. Renew annually for $15.

Master: Submit $75 application fee, pass exam with 75% score. Document 5 years as journeyman. Renew annually for $37.50.

Contractor: Submit $300 application fee, liability insurance, employ master plumber. Renew annually for $75.

Contact: Community Development Department


Apprentice: Complete apprenticeship program. Duration varies.

Journeyman: Submit application, pay fee, pass exam. Renew annually.

Master: Submit application, pay fee, pass exam, document experience. Renew annually.

Contractor: Submit business license application, liability insurance, workers comp. Fees vary.

Contact: Code Administration Division

Reciprocity with Other States

Wyoming does not have any statewide reciprocity agreements with other states for contractor or plumbing licenses. However, some individual cities may allow reciprocity if you are already licensed in a jurisdiction with similar or more stringent requirements than their own. It’s best to check directly with the municipality where you want to work.

For example, the city of Cheyenne allows reciprocity for journeyman and master plumbers licensed in other Wyoming cities like Casper and Laramie. And Casper may grant reciprocity to plumbers licensed in neighboring states like Montana and South Dakota.

License Bond Requirements

Most cities and towns in Wyoming require licensed contractors to carry a surety bond. This protects consumers in case of damages resulting from faulty work.

Typical bond amounts range from $5,000 – $25,000 depending on the municipality. For example:

  • Gillette: $5,000 bond
  • Jackson: $10,000 bond
  • Lander: $10,000 bond
  • Sheridan: $10,000 – $25,000 bond depending on type of contractor

Many insurance companies and surety bond agents can provide contractor bonds instantly online for around a $100 annual premium. Discover more about how to manage your expenses with our comprehensive guide on Wyoming plumbing insurance cost.

Insurance Requirements

Liability insurance and/or workers compensation are also required by most municipalities for licensed contractors. Common requirements include:

  • General liability insurance – Covers property damage and bodily injury. Minimum limits range from $100k to $1 million.
  • Workers comp – Required for contractors with employees. Provides coverage for workplace injuries.
  • Builder’s risk – Some cities require this during construction projects to cover materials and equipment.

Exact requirements vary by location, so check with the licensing department of the city or county where you plan to operate.

License Application Process

The application process to get your plumbing license will follow these general steps, although can vary slightly depending on your municipality:

  1. Meet eligibility requirements – This includes minimum experience, education, exam passage and other prerequisites for the type of license you are applying for.
  2. Submit license application – Fill out required forms and submit to the local licensing department along with any fees.
  3. Pass exam – For journeyman and master licenses, you’ll need to pass a plumbing exam like the ICC. Some places require exam first.
  4. Fulfill additional requirements – This may include getting a bonded and insured contractor license, apprentice registration, or other items depending on jurisdiction.
  5. Get approved – The licensing department will review your application and grant approval if all requirements are met.
  6. Maintain license – Most licenses need to be renewed annually by paying a renewal fee and meeting any continuing education or other renewal stipulations.

The total time to get approved can take anywhere from 4 weeks to several months depending on the processing times for your particular municipality.

It’s a good idea to review all application instructions and requirements carefully before submitting. You can find the specific steps and forms for your desired location on the website of the corresponding city or county licensing department.

Continuing Education

Most municipalities in Wyoming do not require any continuing education to renew your plumbing license. However, you may need to document that you are still actively working in the trade when renewing your license.

Completing optional CE courses each year can help you stay up to date on the latest codes, regulations and best practices. Various trade organizations like the United Association offer online and in-person CE options for plumbers nationwide.


Obtaining your plumbing license in Wyoming takes coordination with local municipalities, but opens up job opportunities across the state. Be sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to complete all steps in the application process.