Having proper insurance coverage in place is an absolutely vital component of risk management for painting contractors of all sizes operating across the state of Maine. While painting business owners often do not like thinking about potential accidents, damages, lawsuits or other unforeseen hazards impacting their company, adequate insurance serves as an essential financial safety net.

This comprehensive overview examines the key factors that influence insurance costs specifically for painters in Maine, provides illustrative premium ranges for small, medium and large contractors based on their revenue and team size, summarizes estimated costs for common supplemental business insurance policies, and also explains the value of working with an independent agent or broker that specializes in contractor policies within Maine to ultimately secure optimal tailored coverage at competitive pricing.

For painters in Maine, having the right painter insurance policies is essential. This usually includes general liability protection for painters to protect against third-party claims and workers’ compensation coverage for painting businesses to cover employee injuries on the job.

Key Factors Influencing Insurance Costs for Painters in Maine

The insurance premiums paid by painting companies in Maine can vary substantially based on a range of influential factors and business characteristics. Understanding these key variables provides critical insight into what drives insurance costs higher or lower.

Business Size

As with most industries, in general the larger a painting contractor or firm is in Maine when measured by their total number of employees, fleet size, annual payroll and overall revenue, the higher their insurance premiums tend to be. Larger painting operations simply pose greater cumulative risk exposures across all facets of their business compared to smaller sole proprietor painters. They take on more painting projects and jobs, have more workers on payrolls, and higher total values of owned assets like vehicles, tools and equipment. Consequently, both the probability and potential severity of an insurance claim increase substantially for bigger painting companies, which directly translates into proportionally higher annual insurance costs.

Work Classification

The exact type of painting work and services provided dramatically impacts the insurance rates paid by contractors. Painting businesses in Maine that focus more on complex, hazardous and intrinsically higher-risk types of jobs like commercial painting, industrial facilities painting, or exterior high-rise painting typically pay significantly more for their insurance coverage than painters strictly doing routine interior repainting of residential homes. The nature of the painting occupation has a major influence on how insurers classify and categorize the overall risk exposure of that contractor. More hazardous work warrants higher premium factors.


Seasoned, well-established painting contractors in Maine with long histories of operating safely for multiple decades and no major past claims generally qualify for lower insurance rates compared to an equivalent new startup painting business just getting started without any track record. Insurers have a high degree of confidence that experienced firms with longstanding clean risk profiles are likely to continue having minimal claims activity going forward. However, new contractors are an unknown commodity to insurers, so they represent greater unpredictability and higher perceived risk, which translates into higher initial insurance rates. Premium costs gradually improve over time as new painting businesses demonstrate they follow safe practices and have few claims.


Insurance rates for essentially identical painting contractors can show notable variance across different cities and counties within Maine, even when the scope and nature of work performed is exactly the same. Each distinct geographic area within the state has its own unique risk profile when it comes to factors like local crime rates, risk of natural disasters, road conditions, and other territorial variables that collectively influence the insurer’s assessment of the overall exposure they are insuring in that specific location. Such variances in territorial risk lead to pricing differences as well. For instance, an urban painting contractor operating in Portland may pay marginally higher premiums than an equivalent rural painter working predominantly in lower-risk counties in Northern Maine.

Claims History

The past insurance claims experience of any painting contractor or firm plays a major role in determining their current rates and premiums, similar to auto insurance pricing models. Painting businesses with histories of frequent past claims raise flags for insurers that they may continue seeing elevated claims activity going forward compared to other contractors with very minimal or no past claims. Too many past insurance claims directly signals greater perceived risk to insurance companies, which translates into notably higher premiums. Painting contractors in Maine who maintain clean long-term claims records benefit substantially from lower premium factors.

Policy Limits

Painting business owners in Maine do have some ability to control costs by thoughtfully setting the specific liability limits and coverage levels of their insurance policies. Opting for higher liability limits naturally entails paying proportionally increased premiums to have that greater level of protection. However, adjusting liability limits strategically in alignment with the needs and risk profile of that painter’s specific projects and clients can be an effective way to potentially lower costs. For instance, a residential house painting contractor in Maine strictly working on small homes may only need $500k in general liability coverage. But a painter taking on large commercial building facades downtown may need $2 million. The right coverage limits provide adequate protection without over-insuring and overpaying.

Overview of Cost Illustration for Painting Businesses in Maine

To provide an illustrative overview of typical insurance costs for painting contractors in Maine, we examine representative ranges of average annual premiums for general liability and workers compensation insurance based on sample small, medium and large painting businesses structured as follows:

Small Painting Business

  • $150,000 Annual Revenue
  • 1 Owner
  • 1 Full-Time Employee

Medium Painting Business

  • $500,000 Annual Revenue
  • 1 Owner
  • 3 Full-Time Employees

Large Painting Business

  • $1,000,000 Annual Revenue
  • 1 Owner
  • 5 Full-Time Employees

For these illustrations, we assume these hypothetical businesses all focus exclusively on lower-risk residential repainting work, have over 5 years of experience claims-free, and have proper safety protocols in place. Actual premiums vary based on individual risk characteristics. Painters doing commercial projects or using hazardous methods may see total costs near the higher end of each range.

It is strongly recommended that all painting contractors in Maine obtain multiple quotes from independent agents to find optimal policies and pricing tailored for their unique needs.

Small Painting Business Insurance Premiums ($150K Revenue, 1 Owner, 1 Employee)

General Liability Insurance

Typical Premium: $1,700

Low End Premium: $1,000

High End Premium: $3,200

Workers Compensation Insurance

Typical Premium: $3,300

Low End Premium: $2,600

High End Premium: $5,800

Maine does not have any statewide bonding requirements for small painting contractors. But painters should verify if any special local rules exist in the specific cities or counties where they operate.

Medium Painting Business Insurance Premiums ($500K Revenue, 1 Owner, 3 Employees)

General Liability Insurance

Typical Premium: $4,700

Low End Premium: $3,900

High End Premium: $5,800

Workers Compensation Insurance

Typical Premium: $9,900

Low End Premium: $7,400

High End Premium: $16,400

Maine does not have any statewide bonding requirements for small painting contractors. But painters should verify if any special local rules exist in the specific cities or counties where they operate.

Large Painting Business Insurance Premiums ($1M Revenue, 1 Owner, 5 Employees)

General Liability Insurance

Typical Premium: $9,000

Low End Premium: $7,400

High End Premium: $12,300

Workers Compensation Insurance

Typical Premium: $16,500

Low End Premium: $11,600

High End Premium: $25,600

Maine does not have any statewide bonding requirements for small painting contractors. But painters should verify if any special local rules exist in the specific cities or counties where they operate.

Overview of Additional Insurance Coverages and Costs

Beyond General Liability and Workers Comp which are required at minimum, painting contractors in Maine commonly secure these additional insurance policies to provide financial protection for other facets of their business:

Commercial Auto Insurance

Annual Premiums: $1,500 – $2,500 per vehicle

Legally required minimum: $100k per injury, $300k per accident, $100k property damage

Covers company vehicles while transporting gear between painting job sites in case of accidents.

Inland Marine (Tools & Equipment) Insurance

Annual Premiums: $750 – $1,500

Covers expensive tools, ladders, spray rigs, and other equipment if stolen from vehicles or job sites.

Commercial Property Insurance

Annual Premiums: $1,000 – $3,000

Protects any offices, warehouses, or buildings a painter may own against disasters, theft, and vandalism.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Annual Premiums: $2,000 – $5,000+

Shields against lawsuits from employees over wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and other labor issues.

Cyber Insurance

Annual Premiums: $500 – $1,500

Protects against hacks, data breaches, and digital theft that could destroy operations.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Annual Premiums: $750 – $2,000

Provides additional liability limits above regular policies in case of an exceptionally large claim or judgment.

Getting Multiple Quotes and Securing the Right Insurance

It is strongly advised that painting contractors and firms in Maine thoroughly evaluate their unique risk profile and then consult with an experienced independent insurance agent or broker that specializes in contractor policies within the state of Maine to ultimately secure optimal insurance protection at competitive pricing.

The right local painting insurance specialist will have established agency relationships with multiple highly-rated insurance carriers actively writing contractor policies across the state of Maine. This provides the agent with extensive market access and flexibility to receive multiple quotes on behalf of their painting contractor clients. It also enables the agent to compare those quotes and then thoughtfully place coverage with the carrier offering the ideal insurance product specially designed for that painter’s particular business model, risk factors and coverage needs.

An independent Maine painting insurance expert can additionally provide guidance to contractors on navigating the state’s specific insurance regulations, ensure full compliance with any mandated minimum requirements, and recommend prudent levels for each policy to adequately protect the business without overspending.

The benefit of having an authorized independent agent shop quotes across multiple Maine insurance markets is that painters can ultimately secure tailored coverage from the ideal carrier for their needs while still receiving very competitive pricing. This is especially valuable for painting contractors that may be perceived as higher risk cases, such as new startups or those using hazardous methods, where access to expert specialty markets is key.


Obtaining proper insurance coverage optimized specifically for their unique business model and risk profile is an essential investment in effectively protecting the finances and futures of both small and large painting contractors operating throughout the state of Maine.

While every painting business seeks to avoid accidents, errors, natural disasters and other unanticipated hazards that could lead to insurance claims, having adequate preparation in advance in the form of appropriate insurance can serve as the vital lifeline keeping a contractor in business even in worst case scenarios.

Understanding the various factors that influence costs, being aware of typical premium ranges, and taking guidance from experienced painting insurance specialists are the keys to structuring insurance programs that provide Maine painting contractors the financial safety net they require for long-term success.